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This flick was picked to screen with 4 other films chosen from over 600 entries from 38 countries!  Now ain't that pimp?!

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Here's what the Critic's are yelling:

"Hilarious!  Jackass meets Super Size Me."

                              - KXLU Radio, Los Angeles

"Rent It."

                                   -  DVD Talk

     Starring the likes of Pamela Clay who appears in the Christopher Guest movie For Your Consideration.  And speaking of Mr. Guest, Jack Me also features Floyd VanBuskirk who starred in A Mighty Wind.  Other mentionable appearances by Lance Spellerberg (The Cookout), John E. Parcher (My Name Is Earl) and my homie Rick Thorne (Triple X, Paul Blart: Mall Cop fame).  So run fer cover Morgan Spurlock - cuz we're comin to get ya!!!

written and directed by randy morgan

Another bizarro Kamikaze Corndog Production.

                                                              "Yer gonna get Jacked!"

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